Welcome! Imperial Drafts and Drum Horses has moved!!! We are now located in south eastern Nebraska, between Omaha and Lincoln.  Don't hestitate to contact us; email is best.

Imperial Drafts & Drum Horses is a horse facility on 27 acres in south east Nebraska where performance Drum horses and draft crosses are selectively bred, raised and trained.

Some of the horses are shown, some are broke to ride and trail ridden, some are brood mares and some are simply rescue horses that no-one wanted, but now have a life long home. All are kept in a natural pasture setting all year whenever possible, and they are a happy herd!

Imperial Drafts & Drum Horses stands for Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism. We value our friends & customers and provide life-long support to all our horses and their new owners. We want our horses to live a good life in excellent long term homes.

Imperial Drafts and Drum Horses is also the home of Imperial Samson, home bred young Drum Horse Stallion sired by the most famous Drum Horse of them all, Galway Warrior. In 2010, Samson was the GCDHA Champion Drum horse and stallion, and was GCDHA Inspected and Licensed as a breeding stallion as a 3 year old. In 2011, Samson won High Point Drum Horse Champion (multiple classes, including under saddle) and is the first ever North American Champion Drum Horse in 4 events, including High Point NA Champion 2011. More details of his recent wins on his own page.


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Hope you enjoy the new photographs being added to the website. Many are courtesy of Jamie Mammano of Mammanophotography, who takes some of the BEST gypsy horse photos in the industry.

The Imperial Philosophy

Horses are part of the family. The herd gets good feed, veterinary care and bundles of love and attention. As a result, Imperial horses are very sociable, well-handled and love interaction with people. They live at pasture all year round in a natural herd situation, with access to shelter, clean water and stalls if needed. They all have regular deworming & vaccinations and hoof and teeth care.

Imperial Drafts & Drums does not broker horses, but sometimes has a few home-bred foals for sale. We breed for good conformation first and foremost, and select top feathered stallions for the mares. Many of the mares are large draft breeds, but have been chosen for their conformation and quality of movement suitable for riding. We aim to produce quality offspring which can be ridden in many disciplines. You can see more about future breedings on the Mares page. We sell to excellent homes, and offer a money back guarantee because we want you to be completely happy with your new equine partner. As part of our services, overnight stabling, farrier services and beginner riding lessons are also available.

We are members and supporter of :


Iowa Horse Council


The American Drum Horse Association


The Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association

We love to talk draft horses, so feel free to contact us if you think we can help you find a good riding draft horse. Contact Elizabeth at:


Imperial Drafts and Drum Horses
986 G Avenue
Alta Vista, Kansas 66834

Telephone: 402-419 6059
Email: carocbr@cyberhorses.com

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